There are no registration fees or dues to join the Cadet Program. Upon joining, uniforms and accoutrements are provided free of charge. Cadets and parents are encouraged to participate in and contribute to fundraising on behalf of the Local Sponsoring Committee and League, to offset costs not covered by the Department of National Defence

To join, a youth must:

1. Have reached their 12th birthday; however, have not reached their 19th Birthday
2. Be a Canadian Citizen or have Permanent Residency
3. Be able to supply a birth certificate or immigration card as proof of identity
4. Be able to supply an Alberta Health Care card

To enroll your son or daughter in 3069 RCACC:

1. Fill out an Application for Membership Form   =CF 1158 (09-2012)v2 - PDF 

2. Bring the applicant's birth certificate and Alberta Health Care Card (bring photocopy's also for us to keep on file)

If you cannot print this form off or furnish photocopy's we can do it for you on site.