Corps History

3069 (1 Fd Amb) RCACC St. Albert started off as Company of 2981 RCACC in Jun 2001 then branched off the 1st of Jun 2002, officially becoming 3069 (1 Fd Amb St Albert) RCACC. The founding officers were:

Capt. W.L. Dickson, Commanding Officer;

CI (F) N. Crann, Adm O;

CI (M) Q. Tadman, Trg O;

CI (M) J. Zotek, Sup O; and

WO M. Curtain, CSM.


3069 (1 Fd Amb St Albert) RCACC paraded from 1 June 2001 until 1 June 2003 at St. Albert Senior Centre in St. Albert, AB and Sep 2003 to Jun 2013 at St. Albert Alliance Church, Villenueve Rd, RR 1, St. Albert, Ab. The unit presently parades at the Kinsmen Korral Hall, 47 Riel Drive St. Albert every Wednesday night from 6:15-9:00pm.

Capt. W. L. Dickson was appointed Commanding Officer of 3069 (1 Fd Amb St Albert) RCACC from 1 June 2002 until 1 April 2004, CWO Tarnowski as RSM.

Capt. H. F. Tadman was appointed Commanding Officer from April 2004 to 1 Jul 2004. CWO K. Tarnowski as RSM.

Captain Bea M. DeLong was appointed Commanding Officer from September 2004 to October 2007. CWO Caldwell as RSM

Capt. Ron Lougheed was appointed Commanding Officer from October 2007 to April 2009. CWO Hawirko and then CWO Ian Faulkner as RSM

Capt. Jonathan Gloss was appointed CO in April 2009 until July 2014. CWO Amanda Wytinck as RSM. CWO Megan Prowse took over as RSM, then CWO Laura Wilson, CWO Sam Smith, and finally CWO Nick Cusack.

In July 2014 Capt. Judy Prowse was appointed the position of CO, with CWO Nick Cusack as RSM, then CWO Kyle Babichuk.

September 2015 Capt. Judy Prowse passed on the CO position to Capt. Sheryll Hattie, with CWO Kyle Babichuk as RSM. Followed By CWO. Jordan Denesha, CWO Logan Parratt. And MWO Ian Cusack.

Presently the Commanding Officer is Capt. Mark J.S, Senio and the Regimental Sergeant Major is MWO Fata

Cadets of 3069 (1 Fd Amb) RCACC St. Albert regularly volunteer at various occasions in the local community. They can be seen participating at the Poppy Blitz, Light Up St. Albert, various fund raising events for the corp and supporting the community whenever possible.

The Unit was also honoured when it was awarded the Best Urban Army Cadet Corp in 2006.

Our Affiliated Unit is 1 Field Ambulance of the Regular Force and our Sponsor is the St. Albert Royal Canadian Legion Branch 271.