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Example of a Classroom Lesson Plan

Example of a Drill Lesson Plan

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Exercise Planning Template

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Adventure Training Safety Standards

Water Safety Orders

Winter Adventure Training

CF Manual of Ceremonial and Drill

CF Dress Manual

Memorandum of Understanding between DND and the Army Cadet League


Qualification Standard and Plan                                                                          

Green Star                                                                                                            

Red Star                                                                                                                

Silver Star

Gold Star

Master Cadet


Instructional Guides

Green Star

Red Star

Silver Star

Gold Star

Master Cadet


Gold Star Course

14 Oct Review Leadership Program
21 Oct Cadet Portal
28 Oct

Leadership video

uniforms exchange

Leadership Manual

Needs of follower

expectations of leader

4 Nov

Effective Communication

Remembrance Day Studies

Gold Star Assessment

Interview form

Learning Assessment Plan

Qualification Record

403 PC-Leadership

404 PC-Fitness

408 PC-Drill

409 PC-Instruction

422 PC-Navigation

424 PC-Survival

426 PC-Expedition 

 National Star of Excellence

CATO 47-02 The National Star of Excellence

Prerequisites and Points

Gold Tracking Sheet

Master Tracking Sheet

Participation Record

Leadership Course



Everyday Leadership Video

Inspirational Leadership video

CATO 11-03 Program Mandate


 Remembrance Day

CAF participation in armed conflict

Royal Canadian Legion Guide to Remembrance

Virtual Wall of Remembrance

Wars and Conflicts

People and Stories

Battles and Stages

Veteran's Week

Faces of Freedom