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Joining Instructions

 Cold Lake 

 Rocky Mountain 

How  to Read a Travel Order

  • Watch the Military 24-hour clock, 1300 hrs = 1 pm
  • Read the Legs Horizontally - Identify for the parents/guardians, Leg 1 going  from home to Winnipeg International Airport at 0730hrs on 9 Jul 11
  • The first leg is always from home to the point where the parent/guardian  must deliver the cadet and the time that the cadet must be there by.
  • If traveling on commercial airline or buses, cadets are specifically to stay  on the aircraft or bus until it reaches their destination. Transportation staff  are scheduled to be at every location the cadet is scheduled to change aircraft  or switch to another
  • mode of transportation.
  • Where the travel arrangements stop at a major city (Calgary, Toronto)  en-route and not at the CSTC specifically, the Transportation Staff at that  location will ensure the cadets are loaded on to buses and shuttled to the  CSTC.
  • The last leg is always from the point where the parent/guardian must meet  their cadet and the time that the cadet should be available for release to the  parent/guardian.


Standard  Meal times are 0600-0800, 1100-1300 and 1600-1800. Meals will be provided to all  cadets who are scheduled to travel over an entire meal period. Where cadets are  in an aircraft during the meal time, they will either be provided a

  • portable meal prior to getting on the aircraft or will be feed on arrival at  their next destination. If the cadet is on a charter bus during a meal time, the  bus will stop at a pre-determined location for the meal.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible to ensure their cadets eat prior to  departing home or while on the way to the departure point. Meals will not be  provided for meal times when the cadet is still in the care of their  parent/guardian.

Reporting In

  • + If departing from Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Cold  Lake, Penhold or Thunder Bay, cadets are to report to the Transportation staff  in uniform at the airport, bus depot or other assigned location. At these  locations, cadets and parents/guardians are not to go directly to the airline or  bus counter to check-in.
  • If departing from an airport other than Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon,  Regina, Winnipeg, Cold Lake, Penhold or Thunder Bay, the airline tickets for the  cadet will already be booked and available at the counter of the airline  identified in the travel order.
  • If scheduled to meet a charter bus or military driver, the cadet is to  report to the driver or bus escort. If the vehicle or bus is not there when the  Parents/Guardians and cadet arrive, they are to wait until the designate  departure time before calling the 1-800 number.
  • If reporting in to a CSTC (Penhold, Cold Lake, Rocky Mountain or RGS(Pra)  Gimli, Medicine Hat, Steinbach or St Andrews), cadets are to report to the  location identified in the joining instructions and on the signs at the entrance  to the CSTC.
  • Cadets are to travel to and from the CSTC in uniform.  The dress and deportment of all cadets shall be above reproach at all  times.
  • Cadets are not authorized to bring private motor vehicles of any type to a  CSTC.

If you would like to drop your cadet off at the summer  training centre or pick them up, click  here for the form.

  • Parents/guardians are to use the attached PPU Forms, if they would like  to:
  • make their own travel arrangements for their cadet
  • alter the travel arrangements as listed on the Travel Order, or
  • have someone else pick-up their cadet at the pickup point,
  • This form is also included in the Joining Instructions should  parents/guardians require another copy.
  • The PPU form must be fax or mailed to Lt Bannerman (
  • This form should be signed by the person who signed the acceptance of offer form.

Parents/Guardian are to be specific as to the location and  timings that they or another designate person will be picking their cadet  up.

Example: (Pick Up at  Calgary Airport on 18 Aug on the cadet's return home OR
(Drop off at the  Penhold CSTC on 6 July

If it is necessary to provide more details, the  parent/guardian should attach a letter to the form.

Once the PPU form has  been received, approved and processed, an amended travel order will be emailed  out. If there is a concern with the change request, the parent/guardian will be  phoned about the concern. The completion of this form does
not automatically  guarantee that the movement staff will be able to accommodate the  request.

Conditions to changes in Travel  Orders

The Nation Cadet Transportation Policy states that DND is  responsible to get the cadet from the cadet's corps/squadron geographic location  (ie Yorkton) to the CSTC and back again. DND may entertain changes en-route  which will reduce the cost to
DND including:

  • Where the parents/guardians request to drop off or pickup their cadet from  the CSTC directly. OR
  • The parents/guardians request to pick up or drop off their cadet at a  waypoint destination already identified on the Travel Order.

The cadet is scheduled to travel through Edmonton on  the way back to Yorkton and the parent/guardian request to stop the return  travel in Edmonton where Grandpa/Grandma will meet and take possession of the  cadet. DND is then no longer responsible to transport the cadet from  Edmonton back to Yorkton.

All other changes to routings are strictly the  parents/guardians responsibility to make the arrangements and bear the  costs.

Unless the parent/guardian is a posted military member, travel  arrangements will not be changed where the parent/guardian has moved geographic  location during the duration of the summer training course. Where the  parent/guardian is a posted
military member, a completed PPU form with a copy  of the member's posting order attached must be faxed or mailed  in.

Picking Up The Cadet

Where a parent/guardian is scheduled to  pick-up their cadet, they will be expected to provide picture identification and  sign for their cadet.

If the person scheduled to pick up the cadet is not  a primary parent or guardian as listed on Fortress, a PPU form must be completed  in advance. The person scheduled must be at least 18 years old and must also  provide picture ID.

Stand-By  Lists

While many cadets have not been offered a  summer training course yet there is still a chance  that they may still be selected.

If you, a cadet or a  parent/guardian is concerned about whether a cadet has been selected  these inquires are to be directed through

the Corps CO, to the  Corps's ACO or elemental training officer. .